Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Wii Injuries

Oh my God, owwwwwwww.

So I got Just Dance for the Wii, for a fun party game. I borrowed out Mario Party, but it's not as fun as dancing around like an arsehole. I probably spent a good hour dancing, at least. You only really move your upper body (kinda the opposite to DDR), and consequently, my shoulders are KILLING me.

Still, it was good fun. Definately a good party game. I also got uSing, which could have had better songs, but singing to I Will Survive (without looking at the screen) was awesome, as were our heartfelt renditions of Keane's 'Somewhere Only We Know'.

I think I need to host more Wii parties. Even if the injuries are a pain. Maybe next time we can play Brawl too. If we can stop dancing and singing, that is. Easier said than done.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Well, well, well.

It's been a long time between drinks, blog.

So. What have I been up to? Let me see:
- Obsessively playing Ace Attorney
- Failing university
- Flipping burgers
- Trying not to fail at Legend of Zelda games (namely Phantom Hourglass and Ocarina of Time...HEY! HEY! HEY! LISTEN!)
- Falling out of love
- Watching 'There Will Be Brawl', which is truly epic
- Playing other games like Bowser's Inside Story, Super Smash Bros. Brawl, Super Mario Galaxy, Pokemon Emerald, ELITE BEAT AGENTS LOL...but mostly the Ace Attorney games.

Oh wow, not much at all.

I've made all these grand plans and never finished them. Like that Twilight parody (I saw New Moon, by the way. It. Was. GARBAGE. Absolutely AWFUL.) with ninjas and pirates. But this current plan, which I'm hoping to see through, is a Let's Play. Textual, not video. What game shall we be playing? Pokemon SoulSilver. (I'm getting both, but I think SoulSilver will be the main one I play. HeartGold I'll use to get all the other Pokemon I need at first, like Kyogre/Groudon (in order to get Rayquaza), the starters (from Kanto, Johto and Hoenn), Latias/Latios (event Pokemon, I'll need both games to get both) e.t.c.

I'll be playing Ace Attorney Investigations: Miles Edgeworth first, because YAY, but you can't do a Let's Play of that. So yeah, it'll practically be a story. With plenty of snark especially related to trading. "A mysterious egg just suddenly appeared when I went upstairs in the Pokemon centre, but that second Pidgey I caught for no reason is gone now. Oh well." e.t.c.
I'd love to do a video Let's Play one day, but Pokemon is one of the few games I DON'T fail at, and it's harder to do a video of when it would just be better to do a game like that textually.

Speaking of games, I played some Spyro: Dawn of the Dragon yesterday. UGH. WHAT HAPPENED TO THE SPYRO OF MY CHILDHOOD? THIS SUCKS! *shudder* Honestly, terrible game.

Oh, and on Sunday I went to the Big Day Out. Oh my God, SO EPIC. Decemberists were one of my favourites, as were Powderfinger and, of course, Muse. Lily Allen was even enjoyable, too. Especially to be vindictive and sharpen my knives to. Ahh, good times were had. The sunburn and late night was worth it. The next day was not but it's all good.

Ummm. So, to finish this off, here's a video you've all probably seen. Phoenix Wrong: Last Stand, as created by AshfordPride on Newgrounds. Enjoy!

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Massive Catchup: Partying Like It's 1899!

Okay so I haven't had internet for quite a while. Now I have to try and remember what happened over the past week.
So, here I go:

After we left Parkes, I drove to West Wyalong and stood in the freezing cold while my sisters played on the playground...then drove, and drove, and drove some more, god, it was boring. Got to Echuca in the evening, a town firmly entrenched in the 19th Century. It's right on the NSW/Victorian border, on the Murray River, with old steamboats and the like. We stayed a night there, got up in the morning and went to a nice bakery and then went for a horse and carriage ride. Yes, you read that right. There were also the paddlesteamers...far out, I can't remember much of Echuca. It was cute and all but quite boring. I hate small towns, I could never live in one.
Then we drove on to Melbourne...that's in the next blog. =P

Thursday, July 2, 2009

"I'm not having fun on this holiday!"

Family Holiday from Hell, Day One:

So I'm currently sitting in a motel room in Parkes, gah, I have to share the room with my whole family. Three single beds for me and my sisters, a double bed for my mum and stepdad. I'm just glad they have free wireless internetz. Otherwise I'd probably have slit my wrists by now.

Anyhow, went to bed around 11:30 and was woken at 3:30. Fun. Had to shove my pyjamas in my bag because I'd completely forgotten to pack them, put my laptop and DS in my laptop bag, put stuff in the car and then settled in for a loooooong journey. I didn't realise how far away Goondiwindi was from Brisbane. We didn't get there until about 8. I was sooooo hungry. And cramped. Lack of legroom is not fun at all. Four year old sister went out in a purple tracksuit and pink fluffy slippers. uber-embarassing. My sister is a bogan.
Make that both of them, the other was in a pink tracksuit and gumboots.
Then there was driving until about 12 and stopping somewhere where there was a playground. Fun. Two year old sister decided I was good to hang out with on the playground.
But OH MY GOD AT ABOUT 2PM I WAS READY TO KILL MYSELF. It's amazing I survived as long as I did. My sisters were making my life hell in the back seat. I was going to drive but I was just too exhausted.
The quote in the title comes from my 4 year old sister, from some point when I was telling her off. Hah. I don't blame her for not having fun though, we drove from 4am to 4pm.
At least tomorrow will be shorter, and I'll get to drive. Yay.
Considering my brain has melted from being at the point of combustion (yes, that's probably physics-ly incorrect, so sue me David), I can't actually remember much else of what has happened today. Many Disney movies were watched and I read both Stardust, by Neil Gaiman, and The Tournament, by John Clarke, which was completely awesome and hilarious.
I apologise for the incoherency of this blog but like I said, my brain has melted. ):
ANYHOO, I had better sign off now. I'll keep you (blog) posted on how terrible this holiday is. ;D

Wednesday, July 1, 2009


I'm heading to Melbourne tomorrow. Well when I say Melbourne I mean I have to get up at 4am to drive to Parkes. Then the next day, to Echuca. Saturday, to Melbourne (thank God), Sunday in Melbourne, pretty sure Monday is in Melbourne too, then to Mt Bulla, then back home via Dubbo so we can go to the zoo. We were going to go tomorrow but we decided we'd have more time on the way back. So all in all, going for 10 days.
And it's been 10 days, without you in my reach...and the only time I've touched you is in myyyyy sleeeeeeeep...
okay I'll stop.
Needless to say, I'm smuggling my laptop. My parents can't stop me, besides, I need to blog about my exciting *cough* bullshit *cough* holiday to keep my readers (yes all...3 of you) in the loop.
I'm excited about Melbourne, though, dreading the rest of it. D:
So here ends this blog entry with the promise of more. Might update from Goondiwindi (or however the fuck you spell it) McDonalds tomorrow morning at about 6am. Who knows.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

I wonder if it's weird...

...the fact that I LOVE exams. Seriously, I love them! You don't have to research, all you need to do is know pretty much what you're talking about (I'm good at that, never know the finely researched specifics but I'm very good with the general subject and I pick things up in class) and you're right. As long as you do know what you are doing, of course. I actually think I did fairly well in English, as for French...I think I passed. Which is a big deal for French.
Might be part of the reason I hate Journalism, no exams.
But seriously, these exams weren't bad at all. The worst part was French speaking - SO personal, and you had to be well prepared. Exams are wonderfully impersonal and so well structured.
Okay, I'm going to stop being weird.
Been to two movies lately: Year One and Transformers: Revenge Of The Fallen. Neither of which I can highly recommend, I'm afraid to say. Year One is crass and disgusting, I swear Alice and I were cringing the whole time and couldn't watch a good five minutes of it, it was that grotesque. I'm sure a lot of people could enjoy that but I just couldn't.
As for Transformers, I went as a favour to my boyfriend. Did not enjoy it at all. Not my cup of tea. Sure, the robots were cool and all, but I'm not all in to the giant robots, like some people I know.
Today, though, I bought a Nintendo DS Lite (it's pink and 2nd hand), Pokemon Platinum (hell yes) and the new Yves Klein Blue album, which I am listening to now. ^_^ I am quite enjoying it. (:

Wednesday, June 17, 2009